Always Good, Never Safe

If anyone should have known the fear of God, it was the Israelites.

They had front row seats as he plagued Egypt with all kinds of insects, amphibians, and diseases. He turned the Nile River to blood, covered Egypt in darkness, and even took away all the Egyptian’s firstborn sons. The God of Israel led his people out of Egypt with a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. He parted the Red Sea, letting his people pass through unharmed. And as Pharaoh’s armies pursued, he joined the seas back together so the waters swallowed them.

But Israel didn’t learn their lesson.

Seven weeks after this great deliverance, these newly freed slaves were preparing to be in God’s presence at the foot of Mount Sinai (Exodus 19:9–11). God instructed Moses to set limits around the mountain so that the people would not go up on it lest they die (Exodus 19:12–13). He showed himself to his people, descending upon the mountain in fire and enveloping it in smoke (Exodus 19:18). There was also a thick cloud on the mountain with shots of lightning, peals of thunder, and a loud trumpet blast (Exodus 19:16).

The people initially trembled. But their fear did not last.

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3 thoughts on “Always Good, Never Safe”

  1. Thank you Liz for this fabulous truth about who God is!!! And the Blessings of remembering His miracles for His children! This reminded me of Joshua 4:8-9 when Joshua told the people of Israel to take twelve stones from the middle of Jordan and carry them across the river and set them down. I have come to a place in my life that I will mark down the miracles that God gives me continually. This article is a beautiful reminder to draw closer to God daily! God Bless you in your writing and life precious child!

  2. Love this! How often we live like we don’t believe in the promises of God, when in fact they are there all along. We have been studying Ephesians and I will be sharing this with our group tonight in study as it speaks to what we have been talking about. Thanks so much – you are a talented writer!

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