Liz Wann

My name is Liz Wann and I live and write in the Fresh Prince of Belair’s hometown: West Philadelphia. I live in a 3 story row home and enjoy city life; my home church is just a few blocks away. I’ve been married 10 years to Josh. He’s done some pretty cool things, like start a Christian rap/hip hop record label and a video company. He currently works full-time as a filmmaker.

On September 10, 2012 we had our first son, Simon. We gave Simon a little brother named Eli on October 11, 2014, and we had our daughter, Chloe, on January 6, 2018. I’m a Charlotte Mason homeschooling mom as well.

I went to Rollins college in Winter Park, FL (Orlando is my hometown) and received my B.A. in English and writing. Besides staying home and taking care of my boys (plus baby girl), I do freelance writing for various ministries/publications, including Truth for Life with Alistair Begg. I’m a regular contributor for Desiring God Ministries and editor in chief at Morning by Morning. I’m also a new author of The End of Me: Finding Resurrection Life in the Daily Sacrifices of Motherhood.