New Blog Project

This post is just a public service announcement to inform everyone that I’m the editor in chief of a new blog, started by myself, Ellie Benson, and Lexy Sauve. We’re called Morning by Morning. Please stop by and subscribe by email (found on the right sidebar) and follow, or like us, on any of your preferred social media platforms (you can find the icons on the top right of the page).

Here is what the blog is about:

Morning by Morning seeks to engage people in a conversation about the mercies that we encounter each new morning. We want to point our own hearts and the hearts of others to Christ through sharing articles on truth, culture, and family. Our hope is that it will be a refining read that spurs you to the gospel.

Also, here is a bit about my partners in crime:


Lexy Sauvé lives in Ogden, Utah, with her family where God’s called her to be a helper to her husband Brian, a homemaker, and momma to Ari Judah and Ira Lewis. She also serves alongside her husband in ministry at Refuge Church in Ogden, Utah. She enjoys spending as much time in God’s Word as she can, journaling, cooking, reading, visiting as many coffee shops as she can, and going on adventures with her boys. She has a degree in Creative Writing and sees her pen as a way to share what God’s been teaching her with others. She is on staff with Deeply Rooted Magazine and blogs regularly at


Ellie is a Wife and Mother to a family of five in Augusta, GA. She is an Encaustic Artist, Novice Writer and Homeschool Mother. When not creating art and writing, she runs a large christian homeschooling community based on the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education. Ellie writes for her own blog on Faith, Art, and Family and at .


My Solid Rock in Marriage

I almost didn’t marry my husband.

I sat in my cubicle with showering tears and a shiny engagement ring on my finger. That morning on my way to work we had our first fight. My old fears of marriage crept in: loss of control, vulnerability, and the potential for being hurt. Maybe I shouldn’t go through with this. Maybe he’s not who I thought he was. Are these his true colors finally bleeding through?

I was gushing to my boss at work about the heated argument and the apparent pride of my fiancé. My boss patiently listened and said many things that day to me, but one sentence hooked me in. It seemed so simple, but in that moment it was profound. It was a reality of life I hadn’t experienced before this point.

He said, “I can be a very proud man sometimes, but I’m glad my wife still married me.”

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