Looking for Jesus: How to Find Christ in the Old Testament

When I was a kid, I looked for Waldo. That guy with the red hat, red-striped shirt, and hipster looking glasses. He was elusive, but I was Sherlock. I would scan the overcrowded picture from top to bottom, left to right, and look for anything that was red. Some pages in the Where’s Waldo? books were easy, but some were difficult. Yet every time I would come back after giving up, I’d find his eyes, with those large black glasses, staring back at me. Even when I couldn’t find him, he was always there and (creepy enough) he was always staring right at me.

In the same way that Waldo is not likely to be discovered without effort and focus, so too we must search for Jesus Christ in the Old Testament. Like Where’s Waldo?, there are techniques and strategies that can help us see Christ in the Old Testament. There are clues left behind like a trail of breadcrumbs for us to follow. We tend to think of Jesus only showing up in the New Testament. But he is there, like Waldo, in the Old as well.

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4 thoughts on “Looking for Jesus: How to Find Christ in the Old Testament”

  1. I am new in my spiritual trip. I am part of a group at my church who are reading the Bible in one year. The Old Testament never really meant much to me. Thank you for the article linking the OT to Christ. I probably should check out other articles you have written.

  2. Liz, I recently finished teaching a Hermeneutics course at the Bible college where I work. I devote one of the class sessions to this very subject of study! Your article encourages the Christian to be a faithful student of Scripture and equips them to properly engage in the Old Testament in a way that points to and honors Christ!

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