Writing Coach

Need a mentor or guide to come along side you and your writing?

Are you feeling stuck with your writing and don’t know where to go next? You need a writing coach!

General Training

If you’re an amateur writer, or just want to learn how to write better, I can train, teach, and equip you to become a better writer. Get ready to write and edit your own work!

Specific Project

Have an idea for an article, essay, or short story? Or just stuck and need help completing it? I’ll help, support, and encourage you, while providing accountability. I’ll set up writing goals for you to complete the writing project, and help you organize, focus, and develop your idea.

Book Manuscript

Have a completed or uncompleted manuscript that you need advice or feedback on? I’ll help you with organization, structure, and focus, while providing writing goals and support. Send me fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books.

I dreamed of being a writer but didn’t know how to write. Liz asked me to write an article for her and went through it with me line by line. I kept writing and learning. This same story could have been told by so many other (once) aspiring writers who no longer just dream about writing. Liz has impacted many by investing in us with the gifts God gave her.”

Christy Britton

Let’s move forward together on
your writing journey.