Missional Motherhood Study: Week 1

I just finished the first video by Gloria Furman in her 6 week bible study series. It’s a sweetly short video, which you can find here. Yesterday I had a few local mom friends over (we each live within a few blocks from each other) and we went over the discussion questions from the workbook. We grasped onto Gloria’s statement about being more than “just a mom”. And we also talked about how the spiritual warfare of mothering can include believing that lie ourselves. We need to remind ourselves that what we do, no matter how small, has meaning and purpose. We are living with a mission to make disciples of Christ. This happens not just in the words we speak, and the kind of life we live, but in the way we care physically for our children and those in our churches and communities.

Takeaway points from our personal discussion included:

  • Valuing motherhood has more to do with the internal than the external. We can value motherhood and believe we are more than “just a mom” whether we stay home full time, work from home, or work outside of the home in any capacity.  
  • Satan seeks to destroy life in our homes, which can manifest itself in many ways, especially in telling us lies about our mothering. 
  • We all need rest and peace from mommy guilt. Whatever choices we’ve made for schooling, feeding, diapering, daily routine, and discipline should not feel like a burden of guilt and condemnation. Jesus has a better yoke for us, one in which we are humbly dependent on him for our lives and those of our children. This is how we find peace. 

Leave me a comment after you watch the video and let me know your thoughts. 


1 thought on “Missional Motherhood Study: Week 1”

  1. I found the introduction to be just what I was hoping for from this book. Unfortunately, I’ve said too often to my husband how mundane things are at times and how I feel like I’m “just a mom”. It’s sooooo hard to not feel like that after a day full of dirty diapers, dishes, and repeating yourself a million times. Yet, it’s so refreshing to hear and to be reminded that we are called by God to be mothers. I havent really thought of nurturing as a gift and yet it’s something I desire from God. Why shouldn’t it be a gift I can use to reflect Him? I needed encouragement and a push towards my God given role as a Mother and missionary. It’s an every day process, I have a lot to learn, and I’m excited to get deeper into the book.

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