This Means War: Loving the Little Years (Motherhood in the Trenches)

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Put your war paint on. No, you’re not a soldier; you’re a mother. According to Rachel Jankovic’s book subtitle for Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches, you and I are in the trenches. Maybe you’re thinking…yes, my home does look something like a war zone. But this isn’t what Jankovic is talking about. She’s referring to a battle with our hearts in everyday life as a mom. It’s a tough and humble job being in the trenches, but there is much joy to be found in it.

There is much joy to be found in Jankovic’s book as well. It’s not at all ironic that a busy mom of so many littles would write a little book on the little years. She has also written this book with busy mom readers in mind, thankfully. The chapters are typically no longer than 3 pages. So, you can get a chapter in between spilled milk, food fights, and blowouts. I would sum up Jankovic’s book as a quick dose of encouragement to enjoy your children amidst the crazy moments of day to day. It’s also like a study guide before taking a test: a refresher course.

Favorite Chapter

My favorite chapter is called, “The Gracious Law.” This chapter covers our God given authority as parents under the authority of God. Our children are only expected to obey us, because they must obey God first, and God says to obey your parents. Our law is based wholly on God’s law. As parents we are subject to God’s law for our hearts and behavior as well.

So, we should be repentant parents. Humbling ourselves before our children and apologizing when we sin against them. This is a living example to our children of living under God’s gracious law. Jankovic also points out that we are to teach our children to love God’s law, so when they are set free from our authority they will still look to Christ.

Favorite Quotes

To end this post, I’m going to leave you with some of my favorite quotes from Jankovic’s book:

“As you deal with your children, deal with yourself always and first. This is what it looks like and feels like to walk with God, as a mother.”

“The state of your heart is the state of your home.”

“One of the great things about having children is that you constantly convict yourself by teaching them.”

“Christian child rearing is a pastoral pursuit, not an organizational challenge. The more children you have the more pastorally minded you should be.”

“So while your children are little cultivate an attitude of sacrifice. Sacrifice your peace for their fun, your clean kitchen floor for their help cracking eggs, your quiet moment for their long retelling of a dream that a friend of theirs allegedly had. Prioritize your children far and away above the other work you need to get done. They are the only part of your work that really matters.”

“Your body is a tool not a treasure…use it and maintain it.”

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